Mundan Muhurat 2019: Auspicious Tonsuring Muhurat

Hindu religion has a lot of traditions and rituals that are followed in order to plan every act committed under the presence of God and with his permission. For the same reason, every act from the birth of the child up to his death is performed only under the most auspicious occasions.

Mundan Muhurat 2019

Mundan Muhurat 2019 Dates

Date Start Time End Time
Wednesday, 06 February 07:06:42 31:06:42
Thursday, 07 February 07:06:03 12:09:25
Monday, 11 February 15:21:31 21:12:44
Friday, 15 February 07:00:04 20:53:15
Monday, 04 March 06:43:48 16:30:06
Friday, 22 March 11:06:25 30:23:36
Wednesday, 10 April 10:34:07 15:37:20
Friday, 19 April 05:52:15 16:43:31
Monday, 29 April 05:42:42 32:15:16
Thursday, 09 May 15:17:41 23:28:01
Thursday, 16 May 08:16:46 29:30:09
Monday, 20 May 05:28:02 26:30:03
Friday, 31 May 17:18:21 24:12:19
Wednesday, 05 June 21:54:47 29:23:02
Thursday, 06 June 05:22:55 09:56:18
Friday, 07 June 07:39:10 18:56:35
Wednesday, 12 June 11:51:24 29:22:40
Thursday, 13 June 05:22:43 16:50:45
Monday, 17 June 05:23:03 10:43:55
Friday, 21 June 19:10:15 29:23:44
Thursday, 27 June 07:43:52 29:25:15

Mundan Muhurat 2019

The same rituals and traditions are followed for Tonsure or shaving of a child’s head. In simple Hindi language, the act of Mundan also is a auspicious occasion that is only performed at a specific time or Shubh Muhurat. A Muhurat is that time when you can receive the maximum benefits of performing your deeds.

This ceremony performed on the hair of a child for the first time since its birth is called Mundan Sanskar for boys, while for girls, the same tradition is called Chaula Karma. The Mundan Sanskar is generally performed in odd years i.e. when the boy is 3 years or 5 years or 7 years. The Chaula Karma, on the other hand, is performed in even years i.e. when the girl child is 2 years, 4 years or 6 years. The most beneficial Mundan Sanskar is performed when the child is 1 year old.

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Significance Of Mundan Sanskar

Everything practiced in Indian rituals is performed in accordance with a particular format or a belief or scientific reasons. For Mundan Sanskar according to the Vedas, it is considered to be highly important in order to release the child from the karmas of his/her previous birth. By shaving off the hairs of a child, we actually disengage a child from his/her previous birth activities and any ill fate if any.

However, there is also a scientific theory attached to it. Considering the medical point of view, Mundan Sanskar or Chaula Karma is performed because the unborn child lives in a watery-environment which is home to bacteria of many kinds. These can’t be washed off either since they populate in the very roots of the hair. The tonsure or the Mundan of a child must be performed before the child turns 1 year in age so these bacterias don’t grow.

Benefits Of Conducting Mundan

There are a number of scientific reasons that support the act of Mundan Sanskar or Chaula Karma.

  • It is generally said that after the Chaula Karma or the Mundan Sanskar is performed, the temperature of the child returns to normal pacing a better mental growth and overall good health. It is also said that after the Muhurat is performed the child does not suffer from any health-related problems.

  • The problem of a toothache or the beginning of oral teeth formation proceeds with a great deal of pain which is however subsided after the Mundan is performed.

  • After the shaving of the hair, the child gets enough Vitamin D which not only enhances the blood circulation in the scalp of the child leading to better hair growth in the future.

  • According to the Yajur Veda, it is said that the completion of mundan is a very important sacrament for the health, age, strength, and agility of the child.

Best Months, Days, Dates And Nakshatras For Mundan in 2019

  • Months: Mundan should be performed in the month of Jyeshtha for the eldest born, Asadha for the younger one or in Magha or Phalguna.

  • Dates: Best dates to perform the ceremony are 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 13th .

  • Days: Best days for conducting the Mundan ceremony are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Friday is specially considered to be highly auspicious for the Mundan of a girl child.

  • Nakshatras: The most auspicious nakshatras for Mundan or Chaula Karna is Mrigashira, Ashwini, Pushya, Hasta, Punarvasu, Chitra, Swati, Shravana, Dhanishta, Shatabhisha and Jyeshtha.

Mundan is a day when your child gets rid of debts of the past and starts a new array of thought. Do consider the muhurat for this auspicious ceremony as your child’s future is your primary concern.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this information on Mundan muhurat 2019.